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After only recently getting on the food truck bandwagon with a (highly successful!) visit to Mr Burger I decided to embrace the food truck movement wholeheartedly with a Sunday afternoon visit to Trailer Park. Trailer Park describes itself as an outdoor food court, comprising of a selection of Melbourne’s food trucks every weekend. They are operating on a monthly rotation and there is a full bar and quite a lot of seating as it is held in the grounds of Village Melbourne (which will always be the Belgian Beer Garden to me!).

The food trucks in attendance when we visited were Beatbox Kitchen, Gumbo Kitchen, Cornutopia, The Curry Truck and Brulee Cart so there was a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. We didn’t get there until mid-afternoon and as it was a gloriously sunny day the place was very busy and there were queues at all the trucks, with some starting to sell out of items. We did a quick scan and eliminated Gumbo as it had no vegetarian offerings available, and Beatbox Kitchen because we have eaten their delicious food at Meredith and Golden Plains many a time, so we turned our attention to the remaining options.

The Curry Truck was almost out of food but we were able to snag a box of curry puffs ($8.50 for 3). They had run out of the raita that was supposed to come with the puffs, but they threw in an extra one to make up for it which was nice. The puffs were really tasty and had a good level of spice, although I think the lack of raita did let them down a little.


From the Cornutopia van we went with some corn chips and salsa ($5) and two vegetarian tacos ($11). The wait time for these was rather long, but worth it as the tacos were really delicious. They were filled with lots of beans and were full of flavour – thumbs up from both of us. The corn chips and salsa was tasty too – nothing fancy but a nice side to the tacos. Everything from the van was able to be made vegetarian, and most things vegan as well which was really great – always nice to be catered for!



Last but definitely not least was the Brûlée Cart. We went with a Salted Caramel Brûlée ($8) and I think it was the highlight for both of us. Super crispy and caramelised on top and then creamy on the inside with a delicious salted caramel flavour. I could have kept eating this for long time! I shall be keeping an eye on the Brûlée Cart and hopefully it will turn up in a location near me again soon!


Overall it was a nice way to spend an afternoon, although I would recommend getting there earlier than we did to ensure you can get the food you are after before it sells out! I think the idea of rotating the trucks is great too, there will always be something new to try and I can see it being extremely popular as the weekends get warmer in Melbourne!

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