Flying through March

We seem to be rocketed towards the end of March (and consequently my 26th birthday, eek!) but I’m hoping the weeks will start to calm down a little for me, as they have finally wrapped up filming at my house (although we’ve heard that before!) so I can regain some kind of control over my weeks, which I’m definitely looking forward to! 

Here’s what this week looked like in I Spy Plum Pie land over on instagram and facebook. If you’re not already following me, why not start now?!

pic 1

| Amazing striped cookies baked by a friend’s boyfriend | Early morning rainbow | Arts Centre on my way to a play | Roast veggie and quinoa salad for lunch |

pic 2

| New supplies from the health food store | 6am in Collingwood | New shoes | Homemade hommus |

pic 3

| Breakfast event at the Abbotsford Convent | Amazing Saturday brunch | Sangria in jam jars | B’s band playing at Liberty Social |

How was your week? Is March flying by for you as well?

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