June Adventures – Week 1

June has arrived which means winter is no longer coming, it’s right here! It’s been a slight struggle for me to reacclimatise after 10 days of tropical warmth and sunshine, but I’m now well in the habit of rugging up and embracing whatever sunshine comes my way! 

I decided to jump back on the Fox in Flats Style Dare a Day Challenge for June after taking a break while we were away. Getting involved over the last few months has been a fun way to explore clothes and accessories that I own but rarely wear, and to make sure I don’t fall in to an office clothes rut! It’s not too late to join the fun so if you’ve been thinking of getting involved now’s as good a time as any!

Here’s how I navigated Week One!

June 1.1

| The June List | Big Hair | Sassy Pants | Arm Party |

June 1.2

| Coloured Tights | Bright Eye | Coco Chanel | Boots |

So who is in?! If you do join the fun I’d love to see how you interpret the challenges, so like the I Spy Plum Pie facebook page or follow I Spy Plum Pie on instagram so we can all be in it together!

How has the first week of June been treating you?

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