October Favourite Finds 2020

It’s October Favourite Finds time! It was another month at home here in Melbourne, but thankfully with a few more freedoms along the way. It was a month of reading and eating at my place, which is very well reflected in my October favourite finds! I’d love to hear about yours too!

The Morbids and The Yield

I read a few books this month but these two were my absolute favourites. I powered through them both in pretty quick time – in fact there were some later nights than planned for! Neither book is particularly light reading, but both pulled me in and definitely made me want to keep reading. The Morbids includes some pretty raw descriptions of mental illness, but still manages to find plenty of lightness and hope along the way as well. Even more impressive that it’s a debut novel! The Yield manages to weave together different stories over different timeframes in a masterful way, telling stories of loss, family and land. There’s a reason it won so many awards this year!

October Favourite Finds 2020 | I Spy Plum Pie

Future Sushi

This fully vegan takeaway sushi shop opened in Collingwood this month and I have tried a few of their options for lunches now. I’m yet to give any of the faux tuna or salmon options, but I can definitely vouch for the chicken and peking duck rolls. They are packed with flavour, fresh and delicious. They do sushi bowls as well which are high on my list to try!

October Favourite Finds 2020 | I Spy Plum Pie

Vegan With Bite

The next of my October Favourite Finds is the newest cookbook in the Smith & Daughters family – Vegan With Bite. I have both of the other cookbooks so decided I might as well keep building the collection, and I’m very glad I did. I haven’t had a chance to cook too many of the dishes yet, but everything I have tried has been easy and delicious. I’ve flagged pretty much every second recipe to try as well, so it’s going to get quite the workout I think!

October Favourite Finds 2020 | I Spy Plum Pie

Mecca Max Blush Stick

I’m still not wearing much makeup given I’m not really going anywhere, but every now and then I feel like giving myself a little boost. I picked up this Blush Stick and it quickly became my go-to. I’m not usually a cream blush person, but this is super easy to use, a really pretty colour and not at all sticky on the skin. It’s also vegan friendly and cruelty free which is super important!

October Favourite Finds 2020 | I Spy Plum Pie

What were your October Favourite Finds?

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