Recipe: Udon Noodle Soup

But wait, there’s more soup! I decided to turn this week into a soup frenzy so I could share lots of different recipes as we head into the depths of winter. This one is something have been making a lot lately, it’s a simple and delicious way to warm up on a cold winter night and can include lots of different veggies so is a great way to use up whatever you have in the fridge. As an added bonus it takes very little time at all so you can have a tasty and nutritious meal ready in a flash – perfect!

Ingredients List

  • Udon noodles
  • Block of firm tofu
  • Miso paste (2tbs or 2 sachets)
  • 1 litre veggie stock
  • Mixed vegetables – this time I used snow peas, carrot and broccoli but mushroom and Asian greens work great too



  1. Boil the udon noodles for approximately 8 minutes, then drain and rinse in cold water
  2. Peel and chop the carrot into thin discs
  3. Top and tail then snow peas then slice into thin strips
  4. Chop the broccoli into florets
  5. Chop the tofu into cubes
  6. Bring 1 litre of veggie stock to the boil and mix in the miso paste (or powder)
  7. Add the broccoli and carrots and boil for a couple of minutes
  8. Add the peas and tofu and cook for a further two minutes
  9. Add the noodles and boil for another two minutes
  10. Serve and enjoy!


What are you cooking to stay warm at the moment? Got any mid-week meal suggestions for me?

If you’re after more soup recipes how about pumpkin soup, sweet potato, carrot & chilli soup, potato & leek soup or a creamy cauliflower soup?

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