Review: Bodhi Restaurant, Sydney

As I mentioned in my Sydney Weekend Adventures post we spent my sister’s birthday lunch at Bodhi, famous for¬†their vegan yum cha. Yum cha isn’t something I normally get to eat as the vegetarian options are generally a little light on, so this was an excellent change for me!

Everything on their menu is vegan and it changes seasonally, including everything from dumplings to fried foods. We decided to stick mainly with the dumplings end of the yum-cha selection, and boy did we get our fill of dumplings!

First up we had the chili smoked soy and beetroot dumplings ($8.50), the mushroom, carrot and corn wantons ($6.50) and the mushroom and water chestnut steamed buns ($6.50). The wantons were probably the winner of this batch but only by a nose! The steamed buns could have done with a little more filling, although steamed buns aren’t usually my top choice regardless. I really liked the beetroot skin on the first dumplings, they were perfectly cooked and such a gorgeous colour too!

Review: Bodhi

Next up we have the pumpkin balls with mushroom and water chestnut ($7.50) and the rice noodle with spinach ($7.50). The pumpkin balls were super cute (the little stems were from the top of a chilli!), with the outside nice and crispy, providing an excellent texture change from all the steamed food. The noodles were really fresh and light, with lots of spinach filling and a good hit of garlic as well. Delicious!

Review: Bodhi

Now we have the tofu pockets with sprouts, mint, carrot and a satay sauce ($8.50), some blanched veggies ($7.50) and vegetarian siew mai ($8.50). The tofu pockets were tricky to eat but most definitely worth the effort! They were jam-packed with veggies and provided a nice fresh change of pace, as did the steamed greens (which have always been a favourite of mine!). The siew mai were something I’ve never tried before but they were really tasty, particularly when dipped in the excellent chilli sauce on the table!

Review: Bodhi

Last up we have the corn and ‘chicken’ dumplings ($6.50) and the carrot, ginger and broccoli dumplings ($6.50). These were two of my favourites, perfectly cooked with thin but strong skins and full of delicious vegetables. The ginger was particularly excellent, if we hadn’t been so full by this point we probably would have ordered more of them!

Review: Bodhi

Phew, that was a lot of dumplings! We left full but very happy and it’s definitely somewhere I would eat again in Sydney. Lots of variety and lots of flavour – what more could you want?!

Are you a yum-cha fan? Have you tried Bodhi before?

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