Review: Hammer and Tong 412

We had been meaning to try Hammer and Tong 412 for brunch since it opened, but every time we had gone by there was always a large queue waiting for tables, so we’d gone elsewhere. This time though we were lucky enough to walk almost straight to a table, so we were off to a good start!

As per usual, I started with a soy flat white and B got a breakfast tea. My coffee arrived pretty quickly and was well made and very tasty. B’s tea unfortunately took its time to arrive at the table, so he didn’t receive it until after our food arrived, and it was no longer piping hot which was a shame. They were quick to apologize for the delay though, so that always helps!


I ordered the Corn and Zucchini Fritters which came with avocado, manchego, spinach, chili tomato relish and a poached egg ($17). It was a extremely filling but extremely tasty dish, the ratio of fritters to avocado was spot on, and the relish perfectly complemented the rest of the flavours on the plate. My egg was cooked slightly more than I would have liked, as I’m a fan of a really runny yolk, but it was still runny enough to ooze out over the fritters, so I was a happy camper all round.


B ordered the Fried Eggs on Toast ($9.50) with Avocado and Feta Mash, and mushrooms on the side ($3.50 each). His eggs were perfectly cooked, and the amount of mash and mushrooms that arrived would have been enough to serve two people! He really enjoyed this dish, even enough to make up for the slow delivery of his much needed tea!



I’m glad we finally made it to Hammer and Tong as the food was really good, and the place itself was lovely as well. We were seated at one of the window booths so could watch the world go by while we woke up over our coffee and food, which is always a favourite pastime of mine! I think we’ll be back for sure!

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