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Recipe: Beetroot Relish

I received some beetroots in my veggie box recently and decided to use them for something a little different to what I normally do. Often I just add them to a juice or make a salad, but this time I thought I would grate them up and make a relish! The relish goes really well on burgers, as part of a cheese platter or even just on some bread as a snack – all perfect for this time of year! It’s super simple to make as well, just as long as you don’t mind getting pink beetroot juice everywhere first!


Recipe: Beetroot and Walnut Salad

Despite it being the middle of a rather fresh Melbourne winter I can’t seem to stop eating salads. To make them more season appropriate I have been roasting various winter veggies to use as the star of the salad – and this time it was beetroots turn to shine. I never used to eat much beetroot but in recent years I have been finding myself ordering dishes with it more and more. It is so sweet and colourful when roasted and turns juices the most amazing colours!


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