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Why I Love Jigsaw Puzzles | I Spy Plum Pie

Why I Love Jigsaw Puzzles

I have been on the puzzle bandwagon for a while now (which you’d know if you’ve seen my insta stories!), so today I thought I’d talk about why I love jigsaw puzzles. Large, small, colourful – you name it, I love them all! I’d love to hear your thought on puzzles too!


The Benefits of Solo Travel | I Spy Plum Pie

The Benefits of Solo Travel

Whilst I’m by no means a regular solo traveller, I have done a bit of it in my time. My first big overseas trip at 20 included 3 months of solo travel around Europe before settling in to study in Amsterdam, and I’ve done plenty more of it over the years. I think there are some real benefits of solo travel, so I thought I’d share my favourites today. I’d love to hear your thoughts too!


Benefits of Reducing Plastic | I Spy Plum Pie

Benefits of Reducing Plastic

With Plastic Free July in full swing I wanted to share some of the benefits of reducing plastic I have discovered in my life. Some of them are obvious – and why I started in the first place – but others are a little more obscure. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!


5 Key Benefits to Simple Living

In the last few years I have been working to simplify my life and along the way have noticed some pretty clear benefits to simple living which I wanted to share with you all today. The simple living journey is different for everyone, so I’d love to hear about any benefits you might have discovered along the way as well!