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Recipe: Carrot, Ginger and Coconut Soup

This soup combines some of my favourite flavours, so it’s no surprise that it has fast become one of my favourite soups! I had meant to freeze most of it to enjoy on the cold winter nights ahead, but the whole first batch somehow disappeared so unfortunately I just had to whip up some more! My parents stopped by one Saturday around lunchtime and so played the role of taste testers and then wouldn’t leave until I promised to give them the recipe, it’s that tasty!


Recipe: Strawberry & Coconut Spelt Muffins

I haven’t done much baking in recent times but when I got an itch to make some muffins I decided to at least try and make them a little on the healthier side. These babies are dairy free and use wholemeal spelt flour so are a bit more dense than those giant muffins you might find in a cafe. They’re super easy to throw together and you don’t even need to pull out the beaters – less washing up is always a plus in my books!


Recipe: Cashew and Cranberry Bliss Balls

I went through a stage quite some time back where I was experimenting with lots of different Bliss Ball varieties with traditional date & cacao balls, fig & goji bliss balls and apricot & almond balls all getting a run in my kitchen. I hadn’t made any in such a long time so when I was trying to think of a tasty snack to take to work I decided it was time to try a new flavour combination. I had a rather large supply of dried cranberries on hand so Cashew and Cranberry Bliss Balls seemed the appropriate way to go!


Recipe: Lemon & Coconut Yoghurt Cake

Now that I’m somewhat settled in the new place I thought it was about time I tried out the oven. I’ve had lots of people stopping by to visit so having a homemade cake ready to share seemed like a logical idea, and came in very handy when my parents stopped by with my nan to show her around. I kept it nice and simple – a lemon and coconut yogurt cake, with an additional depth of flavour coming from the use of vanilla bean flavoured yoghurt – yum all round!


Recipe: Banana Raspberry Bread

Living with 3 housemates can sometimes make it difficult to keep track of all the food in our fridge and freezer. We each have a section of our pantry and also share staples like spices, oils and sauces but given the small size of particularly our freezer sometimes things can disappear into the depths and be forgotten about. We recently did a huge clean out and discovered a rather large stash of bananas in the freezer (which I’ve been working my way through in smoothies!) so when I ended up with some overripe bananas I knew I couldn’t add them to the freezer pile so decided banana bread was required instead!

I usually make banana walnut bread in these situations but decided to mix things up a bit, and thanks to discovering additional raspberries in the freezer decided this was the go instead. I’m very glad I did as it was delicious – moist and sweet from the bananas with a nice tart bite from the raspberries. Perfect with a cup of tea and a flick through the newspaper!


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