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Recipe: Banana Raspberry Bread

Living with 3 housemates can sometimes make it difficult to keep track of all the food in our fridge and freezer. We each have a section of our pantry and also share staples like spices, oils and sauces but given the small size of particularly our freezer sometimes things can disappear into the depths and be forgotten about. We recently did a huge clean out and discovered a rather large stash of bananas in the freezer (which I’ve been working my way through in smoothies!) so when I ended up with some overripe bananas I knew I couldn’t add them to the freezer pile so decided banana bread was required instead!

I usually make banana walnut bread in these situations but decided to mix things up a bit, and thanks to discovering additional raspberries in the freezer decided this was the go instead. I’m very glad I did as it was delicious – moist and sweet from the bananas with a nice tart bite from the raspberries. Perfect with a cup of tea and a flick through the newspaper!


Recipe: Cashew & Cranberry Granola

After seeing macadamia granola recipes on both The Sticky and Sweet and 84th and 3rd I decided it was time I tried making my own granola, but went with cashew as my nut of choice and threw in a good amount of both cranberries and coconut to sweeten the whole thing up. It turned out really delicious and I have been loving it for breakfast with some coconut yoghurt and berries, or sprinkling it on top of smoothies for a bit of crunch. It’s so easy to make so you can personalise it to your own tastes without having to worry about added sugar or other preservatives. I have a feeling I’ll be making this very often!


Recipe: Lime Slice

A colleague at work brought in a giant bag of limes recently, so I took home as many as I could carry and then pondered over what to make with them. I decided I should return them full circle, so made this lime slice that I then took in to work to share with my colleagues. Circle of life complete! Don’t be fooled by the fact the limes are yellow on the outside (and therefore the zest is yellow!), the insides were nice and green and had that delicious lime tang. In saying that, this slice would work just as well with lemons, or a combination of the the two!


Recipe: Puffed Rice Bars

I am always looking for new ideas for snacks I can take with me to work to help fuel my day. I bought some puffed rice a few weeks back with no real idea what I was going to use it for, so decided to make some bars filled with all kinds of delicious extras. They turned out really well and I have been happily munching my way through them ever since! I used quite a few different ingredients in mine, but only because I already had them all in my cupboard – feel free to use whatever you have on hand!


Recipe: Banana Coconut Biscuits

After making biscuits using quinoa flakes a few weeks ago I decided it was time to try a slightly different recipe and use some of the desiccated coconut I had sitting in the cupboard. These turned out really tasty and aren’t overly sweet so make a great morning snack with a cup of tea. I used coconut sugar but if you don’t have any brown sugar (or a liquid like agave syrup) will work as well.


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