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Recipe: Pumpkin & Green Bean Curry

When I first went completely vegetarian curries were one of my staple dinners – most commonly a potato and chickpea green curry to be precise! I gradually expanded my repertoire to include a wider range of cuisines and for a while stopped making curries altogether. In recent times I have gone back to making curries occasionally, and when I received both pumpkin and green beans in my recent veggie box I knew straight away what I wanted to use them for! I made this dish a little on the spicy side, but you can reduce the heat by using less chilli flakes and/or curry powder if you prefer it slightly milder!


Exploring: Trailer Park Melbourne

After only recently getting on the food truck bandwagon with a (highly successful!) visit to Mr Burger¬†I decided to embrace the food truck movement wholeheartedly with a Sunday afternoon visit to Trailer Park. Trailer Park describes itself as an outdoor food court, comprising of a selection of Melbourne’s food trucks every weekend. They are operating on a monthly rotation and there is a full bar and quite a lot of seating as it is held in the grounds of Village Melbourne (which will always be the Belgian Beer Garden to me!).


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