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October GoodnessMe Box Review | I Spy Plum Pie

October GoodnessMe Box Review

While I was in New Zealand my October GoodnessMe Box was delivered. It was so nice to come home and have a box of goodies to explore, so I’m here to share what was in the box! I got the vegan option again this month, and once again I think it was well worth the $25!


7 Tips to Drink More Water

We all know that drinking water is good for us as it not only keeps us hydrated but is also good for our skin, kidneys, bowels and muscles. However, sometimes we find it tricky to drink as much as we should so I’m here to help out with my top 7 tips to drink more water!


7 Tips to Increase Your Incidental Walking

Given I don’t own a car (and I tend not to ride my bike after a few too many incidents with cars) I tend to get pretty close to my 10,000 steps every day, but there are always ways I can add extra walking into my day. Today I wanted to share a few small changes we can all make which will increase your incidental walking, and help us all stay that little bit healthier!