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Spice Guide: Fennel Seeds

Welcome to this month’s Spice Guide: Fennel Seeds! One of the most aromatic spices in my kitchen – let’s learn all about its flavours, how to use it and what to pair it with! I’d love to hear how you use fennel seeds in your kitchen too!


Spice Guide: Cloves

Welcome to this month’s Spice Guide: Cloves where I will be exploring all there is to know about this fragrant, delicious spice. Come learn where cloves come from, how best to use them and what to pair them with! I’d love to hear how you use cloves in your kitchen!


Spice Guide: Coriander

In this month’s Spice Guide: Coriander we’re going to learn all about how to use it, the flavour profile, what to match it with and more! Hopefully by the end of this you’ll find new and delicious ways to use coriander in your kitchen – it’s definitely one of my most used spices!


6 Tips for Reducing Waste While Travelling

When we’re off having travel adventures it can be easy to slip into bad habits and find ourselves creating all kinds of excess waste, which means we’re leaving the places we visit a little worse off than when we arrived. With these simple tips for reducing waste while travelling you can still have amazing adventures, just without the detrimental impact on the environment when you leave.


6 Tips for Cooking for One

I’ve lived in sharehouses, and now by myself, for a number of years now and whilst I was in a relationship for much of that time I also did a whole lot of cooking for one. I therefore know all too well that it can feel like a chore at times, and that you can easily fall into a rut of eating just simple to prepare, not all that nutritious (or delicious!) meals. Today I thought I would share with you some of my top tops for cooking for one to make it not only enjoyable but help you save money too!


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