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Garlic Paprika Cauliflower Steaks | I Spy Plum Pie

Recipe: Garlic Paprika Cauliflower Steaks

I’ve been seeing images of cauliflower steaks online for ages now, so decided it was time to see what the fuss was about. I whipped up these garlic paprika cauliflower steaks for dinner one night and they were as good as I had hoped. So easy to make, they’ve fast become mid-week dinner staples for me!


Honey Paprika Spiced Nuts | I Spy Plum Pie

Recipe: Honey Paprika Spiced Nuts

After taking lots of sweet foods into the office I decided to mix things up and go savoury with these honey paprika spiced nuts. In fact, I could barely stop snacking on them so it was a miracle any made it into my office at all! They were a big hit though, and didn’t last long in the office either!


Recipe: Mushroom Chickpea Paprikash

I ate lots of delicious, creamy pasta dishes whilst in Hungary and Slovenia recently, so when I got back to a cold Melbourne winter I decided to try and recreate that kind of food in my own kitchen. This mushroom chickpea paprikash makes use of some of the amazing paprika I brought back from a market in Budapest and is absolutely deeelish!


Spice Guide: Paprika

Welcome to the second post in my new spice series here at ISPP! Last month I talked all about cumin, and today I’ve got you covered with my Spice Guide: Paprika! I’m going to be covering everything from the history, flavour profile and common cuisines, and more!


Recipe: Paprika Popcorn

Popcorn and I had a bit of a rough start. I never liked the rainbow popcorn that was always brought out at parties when I was a kid, I found it bland and somewhat stale tasting (in fact, there’s every chance it was actually stale!). I did love the caramel covered popcorn you could buy in little bags, but it was something we had very rarely in my house. In fact, I remember one time my sister and I finally convinced mum to buy one of those boxes that contained a mixture of plain, cheese and caramel popcorn, and when we got it home we discovered it didn’t even have any of the caramel flavour. Devastating stuff when you’re a little kid! These days B and I will sometimes share a popcorn if we’re at the movies, but considered what goes into that stuff it’s definitely a sometimes food!