6 Podcasts for Road Trips

I’m still on a massive true-crime podcast kick at the moment but for the most part they aren’t exactly appropriate for a mixed audience, so today I thought I would share some of my favourite podcasts for road trips to get you through this summer! I’ve got everything from sport, music, trivia and comedy so there should be something for everyone!


1. Song Exploder

This award winning podcast is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway and each episode features a musician pulling apart one of their songs and explaining how it was made, and what influenced it. It’s incredibly interesting – even for styles of music I normally wouldn’t have chosen to listen to! Hrishikesh mainly edits himself out of the podcast so you’re left with just the words of the artist, and the episodes are generally under 20 minutes so you can burn through the back catalogue in no time at all!

2. No Such Thing As A Fish

This podcast is hosted by the brains behind the tv show QI and each week they share their favourite fact of the week in a light-hearted but educational way. It’s super interesting whilst being fun and teaching us things all at the same time – what’s not to love!

3. The Howie Games

This is a relatively new podcast from sports journalist Mark Howard where each week he talks to a famous sports person – so far it’s been everyone from Greg Norman to Layne Beachly, Dennis Cometti and Adam Gilchrist. He has such a good rapport with everyone he interviews that I find myself drawn in to conversations about sports that I previously had little interest in (like motor racing!). Well worth a listen!

4. The West Wing Weekly

The West Wing has long been my favourite tv show so when this podcast was launched I was all over it pretty quickly. It’s hosted by the aforementioned Hrishikesh Hirway along with Joshua Malina (who was on the show for much of its run) and each episode explores an episode of the tv show. Not only are their insights really interesting but they also interview cast members, writers, directors and even policy makers which provides really great breadth to the discussions, to get the best of your next tour, check this travel trailers guides at the link. A must listen for any West Wing fans (and if you’re not a West Wing fan, why not?!)

5. Don’t You Know Who I Am

This quiz-style comedy podcast is hosted by Josh Earl and each episode features 4 comedian guests answering questions about each other and sharing stories. It does sometimes involve more fruity language and not-quite-PG stories which might not make it the most appropriate podcast for all road trips, but as someone who has been to some of the live recordings I do recommend you give it a listen!

6. Court Junkie

Given how many true crime podcasts I am currently subscribed to (it’s getting somewhat out of hand!) I couldn’t share a list without at least one on their – and this one has quickly become one of my favourites. It doesn’t just tell stories of true crimes, it really aims to focus on the victim of the crime, often speaking to a family member, as well as providing interesting detail about elements of the law like false confessions and expert witnesses. Given it does detail crime it’s not suitable for young ears, but as long as you’re clear from them then give it a whirl on your next road trip!

Do you have any recommendations for podcasts for road trips? I’d love to hear them!

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