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I spoke earlier in the year about how I am listening to less podcasts these days, but it turns out things have changed somewhat! Now that I have lots more time on my hands I have been seeking out interesting, inspiring interview podcasts. For the most part these aren’t new podcasts, but they are my current favourites! I’d love to hear your recommendations for interview podcasts too.

Current Favourite Interview Podcasts | I Spy Plum Pie

Seize The Yay

I might be a bit biased on this one given Sarah is one of my close friends, but I do genuinely love this podcast. Sarah’s genuine interest in the people she is interviewing, combined with her focus on the behind-the-scenes of their success makes this always entertaining listening. Often I don’t know much, if anything, about her subjects beforehand, but I always leave feeling that bit more inspired.

Recent favourites: Emma McKeon, Moana Hope, Madison de Rozario


The Thursday drop of Shameless In Conversation episodes is the one I am recommending here – although the Monday episodes are excellent too! Michelle and Zara are smart, interested interviewers who mostly interview other women. The episodes are short compared to others on this list, but not lacking in depth or detail that’s for sure. They’re interviewed a wide range of guests as well, so there is something for everyone.

Start with: Georgie Stone, Bel Sloane, Dylan Alcott, Courtney Act

The Slow Home Podcast

I have recommended this podcast previously, but for good reason! Brooke’s exploration of slowing down and living simply has long been an inspiration to me and I have learned a lot through both her and all the guests she has had on the podcast over the years. At the moment she is going back and speaking to previous guests, including listeners of the show, to see how things have changed for them. Hearing about everyone’s different challenges, approaches and areas of focus is definitely something I am enjoying about the current season.

Recent favourites: Community, Rhythms, Busy and Slow

Inside Voices

This one is a little meta, but super interesting! Host Kevin Porter interviews other podcasters about their voices, and the inner workings of their podcasts. It’s a great way to learn more about other podcasts and go behind the scenes on the successes and failures along the way. It’s a pretty new podcast, so it won’t take you long to conquer the back catalogue!

Start with: Hrishikesh Hirway, Alex Goldman, Emily VanDerWerff


Wil’s podcast tends to be on the long side, but I like that in an interview podcast. Particularly at the moment when we have a whole lot of time on our hands! If you only know Wil Anderson from his comedy, you might be surprised by this podcast. Sure, there are comedic elements, but it is mostly a serious chat which explores the subjects life, career, philosophy and more. I often don’t know anything about the person beforehand, but even for those I do know about I find myself learning a lot. Which is exactly the point!

Recent favourites: Andy Lee (not all that recent, but definitely worth finding), Ross Noble, Ella Hooper, Eddie Perfect


The episodes of Partners are super short, and it almost doesn’t feel like an interview podcast but I think technically it is! Host Hrishikesh Hirway edits himself out of the podcast, which leaves it as just a conversation between his two subjects. Each episode features two people who are partners in one form or another – creative, business, life – and it explores how they met, how they work together and the challenges they have faced along the way. There’s only a few episodes out so far, so you can race through them in no time!

Start with: PJ Vogt & Alex Goldman, Rachel Bloom & Aline Brosh McKenna, Samin Nosrat & Wendy MacNaughton

These next couple are sports related – but they are also excellent interview podcasts even if you’re not a huge sports fan. I promise!

The Howie Games

Ok so I have also recommended this podcast before, but it continues to be excellent. Mark Howard interviews all kinds of sports people – including plenty I haven’t heard of – and each episode is in depth, interesting and full of inspiration. The added questions from Howie’s kids in each interview is a bonus delight.

Recent favourites: Mike Hussey, John Aloisi, Kurt Fearnley, Alyssa Healy

The Final Word

This is a cricket podcast, and whilst it doesn’t always feature long form interviews, when it does they are excellent. Geoff Lemon & Adam Collins are super informed, but not always super serious hosts. They love the womens game as much as the men’s which shouldn’t be worth mentioning but unfortunately still is. They are well respected cricket writers so are able to get some really interesting details out of their interview subjects.

Start with: Nassar Hussain, Mel Jones, Glenn Maxwell

Ordineroli Speaking

This is another relatively new podcast, but it’s already made quite the splash. You know an interview podcast is good at getting to the interesting details when it results in articles in the paper after episodes are released! Host Neroli Meadows is a well respected sports journalist, which is made very clear by how comfortable her guests are with her. Even if you’re not a sports fan, the stories of overcoming challenges, finding joy and achieving pretty amazing things are well worth listening to.

Recent favourites: Eamon Sullivan, Adam Treloar, Glenn Maxwell, Dale Thomas

What are your favourite interview podcasts?

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