Easy Ways To Make The Most Of Your Evenings

As someone who works a busy full-time job my post-work time is ultra important to me. So, today I thought I’d share some easy ways to make the most of your evenings. Try some of these for a more productive, enjoyable evening and to help you sleep better too. I’d love to hear your ideas as well!

Easy ways to make the most of your evenings | I Spy Plum Pie

Don’t sit down straight away

I don’t know about you, but a lot of the time once I hit the couch it’s pretty much game over for the rest of the evening. So, instead I make sure that anything I need to achieve gets done straight away. This might be as simple as tidying up a little, but regardless, once it is done I can properly enjoy the rest of my evening.

Only watch TV you are actually interested in

There’s nothing wrong with sitting down to enjoy a TV show in the evening to help you wind down, but mindless viewing isn’t doing you any favours. Be discerning in your watching choices, and mix it up with alternatives like listening to music instead. When you are watching something make sure to properly watch it – scrolling instagram at the same time doesn’t count!

Read, read, read

This is one of my goals for 2018 so it’s particularly top of mind for me! Set aside some time in the evenings to dive headfirst into a good book and you’ll find your evenings are much better for it. If possible, go with a hardcopy version right before bed to allow some non-screen time to improve your sleep as well. Double win!

Exercise, or at the very least stretch

Personally I’m a morning exerciser, but if you’re not then taking part in some kind of exercise is an excellent way to make the most of your evenings. It can be anything from a yoga class to joining a team sport, with the latter having the added bonus of a social activity as well. If you’ve already done your exercise for the day then some gentle stretches are still a great idea. It will help release any tension from sitting at a desk or being on your feet all day, and help you relax before bed as well.

Cook something enjoyable

It goes without saying that some kind of meal will be required as part of your evening activity, so why not make it enjoyable! That doesn’t mean it has to be complicated or long (unless you find that enjoyable of course!) – instead it could just be your favourite cuisine or from a new cookbook. I find that being prepared for what I’m going to cook during the week by meal planning is super helpful as it removes that dreaded question of ‘what’s for dinner’. If I know I already have all the ingredients ready to go then the whole process is much more fun. If you want you can try something new from the Rochester restaurants.

Get out of the house

Getting out of the house in the evenings is particularly important if you’ve been in an office all day, and the options are endless. It could be simply getting some fresh air with a nice walk, taking a class, going to the movies or out for dinner. Mixing up your evenings by having some out and some at home will avoid any sense of boredom and you might even pick up some new skills along the way!

Have people over

The alternative to heading out of the house while still reaping the social benefits is to use your evenings to have people over. It doesn’t need to be a lavish affair either – I’ve never heard anyone complain about an invite for a taco night! Start a book or movie watching club, or just hang out with friends. You’ll find yourself happier for it!

Follow a sleep routine

Getting in to a pre-bed routine is super important to enable a better sleep, so find what works for you. It might be a combination of preparing for the next day, a soothing cup of tea, switching off electronics and relaxing before bed. The more regularly you can follow your routine the better sleep you’ll have, so make it as non-negotiable as possible.

I’d love to hear your ideas for ways to make the most of your evenings as well!

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