The Foodie Files: Miss Sage Sugar

It’s Foodies Files time again and this month I’m chatting to the oh-so-friendly Devon, aka Miss Sage Sugar! I’ve been following Devon’s blog for years and it’s always an excellent source of delicious places to eat out all around Melbourne.

Seriously, if you need ideas for places to eat out Devon is your girl! So, let’s hear more about her food adventures shall we!

Do you have a philosophy towards food?

As a gardener, I am a big believer in using homegrown produce. I also emphasise the use of fresh herbs and spices to transform a simple dish into an epicurean delight. I cook a lot of vegetarian food and like to roast the vegetables to bring out their sweetness

The Foodie Files: Miss Sage Sugar

What’s your favourite food memory?

My Dad is a chef and growing up he would make truffle and macadamia potatoes when people came over for dinner. They were so luscious but I love anything to do with truffles…

Do you have a go-to food of choice?

Probably pasta as you can make lots of flavour combinations from things that you might find in the fridge and the garden. One of my favourite pasta sauces is roasted pumpkin, Russian kale, red capsicum and pine nuts.

What’s your favourite meal of the day?

Afternoon tea. A pot of French Earl Grey tea and a slice of homemade cake is a luxurious way to spend an afternoon. My latest baking experiment was a lemon syrup and thyme cake which was really refreshing and didn’t last long at my house.

The Foodie Files: Miss Sage Sugar

What’s the strangest food you’re ever eaten (and would you eat it again?!)

My English heritage exposed me to weird and wonderful foods such as black pudding, Spotted Dick and Toad in the Hole. I don’t mind some of these but some are an acquired taste…

If you were showing a visitor around town for a weekend where would be your must-eat destinations?

I would take them to Maling Road in Canterbury as this quaint shopping strip is full of lunch options and tempting sweetie treaties. If they were vegetarian, I would take them to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy to try eateries such as Vegie Bar and Smith and Daughters.

Where can people follow your food (and other!) adventures?

The Foodie Files: Miss Sage Sugar

I hope you liked this Foodie Files chat with Devon, now get following Miss Sage Sugar straight away!

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