Lockdown Eating: Neko Neko, Fitzroy

It’s time for the next instalment of my new Lockdown Eating series! This time it’s all about delicious Japanese food from Neko Neko in Fitzroy. A favourite of mine in the pre-lockdown eating days, Neko Neko are now doing platters as well as their usual menu. Seriously delicious platters at that!

Lockdown Eating: Neko Neko | I Spy Plum Pie

The platters are only available on the weekends, and they deliver to a range of different suburbs each week. Or you can do pickup if you’re lucky enough to be local to them like I am! There is a vegan or a seafood version, and they are designed to feed a few people. I, unsurprisingly, went with the vegan version which was $60, and I easily got two dinners out of it.

Lockdown Eating: Neko Neko | I Spy Plum Pie

One of my absolute favourite things about this Neko Neko platter was the variety of delicious morsels they included on there. From sushi rolls and quinoa gyoza to mushroom tempura with a teriyaki balsamic pumpkin topping and everything in between!

Lockdown Eating: Neko Neko | I Spy Plum Pie

Two of my absolute favourites were these potato and bean croquettes with a coriander sauce and the smoked tofu katsu and zucchini skewers with a thai basil vegan mayo. They were crunchy, smokey and delicious, and both sauces were seriously good. I have since discovered they sell the thai basil vegan mayo and I think I might need to get some to drizzle on everything I cook!

Lockdown Eating: Neko Neko | I Spy Plum Pie

The vegan meat ball with red miso demi sauce and mash potato was one dish I wasn’t sure of before trying it, but afterwards was completely sold. The mash was creamy, I’ll never turn down edamame and the vegan meat balls had really excellent texture to them. Agedashi tofu on the other hand will always be a favourite of mine, and nothing has changed there! The sauce came separately, so the tofu was still nice and crispy when it came time to eat it – very important!

Lockdown Eating: Neko Neko | I Spy Plum Pie

Overall it wasn’t a cheap meal, but it felt like good value for all the variety and flavour I got. The staff are incredibly friendly too, which is an added bonus! Somewhere I definitely suggest you check out for your lockdown eating needs!

Are you a Japanese food fan too? I highly recommend giving Neko Neko a try!

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