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It’s been a while since I have done a Spotlight On post so I thought it was about time I recharged the batteries and shone my spotlight on another deserving organisation, this time Eat The Globe!

Food and travel would have to be two of my favourite things, and combining the two together is pretty much my idea of perfect. I’ve been lucky enough to do a bit of travelling and many of the highlights of my travels have, unsurprisingly, been food-related. From learning to make dumplings in the home of a Chinese family, to an incredible 7 course meal in Kyoto surrounded by geishas and everything in between (Spanish food in Germany on Christmas Day anyone?!). So when I heard about Eat the Globe it immediately sparked my interest!

Eat The Globe

Eat the Globe describes itself as a ‘virtual dinner table’ where anyone can share stories of their favourite restaurants and recipes from anywhere in the world. You can then search by cuisine or destination, helping travellers to get tips about where to eat and what not to miss when on their travels. You can also search by price-brackets so you can find suggestions for everyday meals as well as something fancier for those times you want to splurge but don’t know where to start. You don’t have to be a blogger, anyone can make an account and share their stories, from their home town or anywhere they have travelled!

If you don’t have any travels planned in the near future you can peruse the recipe section and get tips and tricks from locals on how to cook their cuisine, which I’m never going to turn down!

One of my favourite things about Eat the Globe is that they have partnered with Oxfam and $1 is donated for every post shared on the website (until they reach $1000), so they’re a site with a social conscious as well!

I was able to ask Dinh, the founder of Eat the Globe, a few questions and here’s what she had to say!

What inspired you to start Eat the Globe?

I’ve always loved food and travelling. I wanted to start documenting my favourite places so I could easily look them up as needed down the track, and also because friends would often ask me what I recommended to do/eat in a particular country I’d visited…but I couldn’t find a platform where the information was database driven so things would be easy to find…all I could find was traditional blog platforms that were only organised mainly by date….so the idea of Eat the Globe was born…a place were I could document all my favourite places and recipes, and also a place where any other food lover could use the platform/tools too.

I think the partnership you’ve formed with Oxfam is fantastic, can you tell me how that came about?

When I started Eat the Globe, I wanted it to be more than your typical food/travel site, I wanted to create a destination and community of people who could use their passion for food for the greater good too….so the idea of $1 per food story came about…I was looking for a global charity, especially one that had food/agricultural campaigns, and Oxfam naturally popped into my head, as I have actually personally been a supporter of Oxfam for over 13 years now and I really believe in the great work they are doing around the globe.

Where do you hope to take Eat the Globe over the next few years?

We’re focussing on building the community and content, as Eat the Globe is all about inspiring people to discover the wonders of food, whether it be locally or across the other side of the world. We’d love to partner with some global food/travel brands down the track, so we can further grow our pool of funds for Oxfam.

What is your most memorable travelling food experience?

It would have to be learning to make pasta from scratch at a cooking school in Florence – the most amazing pasta I’ve tasted in my life! You can read more about it here:

Where is next on your bucket list to travel and eat?

I’ve only really scratched the surface of Europe, so I’m planning to go over next year and explore more….main countries would be Spain, see more of the south of France, and visit the beautiful Greek islands…

How good does that pasta making class in Florence sound! If you’re a keen eater and/or traveller I highly recommend you check out Eat the Globe, make an account and share your stories too! You’ll be able to find and share great places to eat, and support a great charity all at the same time! Can’t go wrong with that!

Have you had a standout travel and food experience? I’d love to hear about it! You should share it on Eat the Globe too!

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