My Sunday Routine For A Better Week

I’ve long been a fan of a Sunday Routine – I find that following one helps set me up for a much more productive, and less stressful week. It’s not about having a boring Sunday, it’s about putting a few things in place to actually improve things! Here are some of the things I include in my Sunday Routine that I highly recommend.

Meal Prep

I’ve rabbited on about my love of meal prep on this blog for years now, so it should come as no surprise it is part of my Sunday routine. It varies as to whether it’s a morning or afternoon activity based on what else I want to do with my day, but it is a core part of my Sunday plans. It’s such a great way to ensure I have healthy, delicious food ready to go no matter what the rest of the week throws at me.

Tidy Your Home

Most of us use our weekends to clean our homes, but regardless of whether you do that on a Saturday or Sunday I find it really important to make sure everything is tidy before I go to bed on a Sunday night. This means putting things away, wiping down surfaces, removing any clutter and just generally creating a sense of calm and organisation. I find this really helps set my week up well and means I don’t get up on a Monday morning to face a pile of dishes or a messy table.

Sunday Routine For A Better Week | I Spy Plum Pie

Get Outside

Some outside time is an absolutely critical part of my Sunday routine. For me this usually means a long walk as my exercise option, but it can also mean spending time doing some gardening, sitting reading in a park, or anything that takes your fancy. Fresh air is such an important part of helping me feel rejuvenated, relaxed and happy.

Plan Your Week

This step is a pretty quick, but super important part of my Sunday routine. Sitting down and making sure I’m across any key activities or appointments coming up helps me know what to meal prep, but also ensures I’m not left scrambling to fit things in to my week. It also enables me to slot in fun activities to look forward to as well!

Do Your Version Of Self Care

A bit of self-care is a critical part of any Sunday routine, but what that looks like may differ person to person, and even week to week. Some weeks for me it’s all about some quiet time to unwind with a book and maybe some skincare, other weeks it might be an afternoon with friends drinking wine. Whatever it looks like, your Sunday needs to include something that makes you happy, it definitely isn’t just a day for chores!

Sunday Routine For A Better Week | I Spy Plum Pie

Change the Sheets and Do Laundry

I try and make sure I always end the weekend with fresh sheets on the bed and no laundry left to be washed or put away. With more time working at home over the last few years I now do a lot more laundry during the week than I used to, but regardless I don’t want to end my Sunday with laundry waiting to be put away. Clean sheets is also important – there’s nothing better than climbing into fresh sheets on a Sunday night and it sets me up for the next part of my Sunday routine too!

Get Good Sleep

It can be tempting to try and extend your weekend with a late Sunday night, but you almost always regret it on Monday morning! A key part of my Sunday routine is to make sure I set myself up for a good nights sleep. This means of course fresh sheets, but also not a lot of screen time in the evening and following all my usual evening routines.

Do you have a Sunday routine?

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