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10 Uses for Coconut Oil

Ah coconut oil, the wonderkid of the health and wellness sphere for the last few years! With good reason I might add, it really is an incredibly versatile and useful product! I keep a jar of coconut oil in my kitchen and another in my bathroom, so today I thought I would share with you my top 10 uses for coconut oil. As always, I’d love to hear your favourite uses for it too!


DIY Lemon Rosemary Salt Scrub

Homemade salt scrubs make the most perfect gift for friends, neighbours, teachers or pretty much anyone! Not only are they thoughtful, useful and smell delicious, but they are also quick, easy and cheap to whip up, which is definitely a plus at this time of year! My lemon rosemary salt scrub can be made using ingredients you most likely already have in your cupboard and garden, and can be mixed and in the jars within minutes, making it the perfect last minute gift!


Recipe: Paprika Popcorn

Popcorn and I had a bit of a rough start. I never liked the rainbow popcorn that was always brought out at parties when I was a kid, I found it bland and somewhat stale tasting (in fact, there’s every chance it was actually stale!). I did love the caramel covered popcorn you could buy in little bags, but it was something we had very rarely in my house. In fact, I remember one time my sister and I finally convinced mum to buy one of those boxes that contained a mixture of plain, cheese and caramel popcorn, and when we got it home we discovered it didn’t even have any of the caramel flavour. Devastating stuff when you’re a little kid! These days B and I will sometimes share a popcorn if we’re at the movies, but considered what goes into that stuff it’s definitely a sometimes food!