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Spice Guide: Garam Masala | I Spy Plum Pie

Spice Guide: Garam Masala

This month’s Spice Guide is a little different, it’s actually a blend – garam masala! Come learn more about this complex, useful spice and get using it in your kitchen! I’d love to hear how you’re currently using it as well!


Spice Guide: Vanilla Beans | I Spy Plum Pie

Spice Guide: Vanilla Beans

This month’s Spice Guide is a bit of a different one, it’s all about vanilla beans! They are one of the more expensive ingredients but they really do make a difference, so let’s learn more about them and how best to use them!


Spice Guide: Allspice

It’s Spice Guide time again and this month is all about allspice! Where it comes from, what it tastes like and how to use it – we’ll cover it all! I’d love to hear how you use it in your kitchen as well.


How to Make a Simple Vinaigrette | I Spy Plum Pie

How To Make A Simple Vinaigrette

My love for salads is well documented here at ISPP and so often I just use a simple vinaigrette as my dressing. Once you’ve got the basics of making one you can mix up the flavours in so many ways, using whatever you have in your kitchen. Today I wanted to share my tips for making a simple vinaigrette, and some of my favourite flavour combos as well!


Spice Guide: Oregano | I Spy Plum Pie

Spice Guide: Oregano

Ok, so this month’s Spice Guide instalment is actually a herb, but oregano is so useful I figured I’d branch out a little! It’s one of those herbs that is as flavoursome when used dried as it is fresh. I’d love to hear how you use it in your kitchen!