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Small Silver Linings of Lockdown | I Spy Plum Pie

Small Silver Linings of Lockdown

It’s no secret that things haven’t been all that easy here in Melbourne for a number of months now. Whilst I have definitely had some rough patches along the way, over the last little while I have been trying to focus on some of the things I am seeing as silver linings of lockdown. Most of them are very small, but each of them has been helpful to keeping my spirits up. I’d love to hear about any of your silver linings of lockdown too!


The Foodie Files - Thoughts of a Moni | I Spy Plum Pie

The Foodie Files: Thoughts of a Moni

This month’s Foodie Files chat is with the lovely Moni from Thoughts of a Moni! Come learn more about her foodie adventures! Moni is a fellow vegetarian who I met at an event on sustainable heating of all topics! Her food photos always leave me feeling hungry and thanks to her my list of places I need to try in Melbourne just keeps growing!


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