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Spice Guide: Nutmeg

I’m back to talk spices again! Well, one spice in particular that is – nutmeg! I’m going to share all you need to know about this delicious spice & get you more creative in the kitchen! So, here we go with this month’s Spice Guide: Nutmeg!


Recipe: Spiced Brown Sugar Syrup

After playing around with different sugar syrups when making homemade lemonade a little while back, I decided I would play with some more grown-up varieties to use in cocktails (or mocktails!) over the Christmas holiday period. The first one I played with was this spiced brown sugar syrup – the mix of spices just tastes like Christmas to me! It’s super easy to make and will keep in the fridge for a few weeks, so you can always have some ready to go just in case!