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Cauliflower Cashew Pasties | I Spy Plum Pie

Recipe: Cauliflower Cashew Pasties

At this time of year having some quick and delicious snack options in your repertoire becomes even more important than usual. These cauliflower cashew pasties absolutely hit the mark, and are perfect for lunch, picnics or serving with drinks. Ready in no time as well!


Recipe: Silverbeet & Ricotta Pasties

Silverbeet and I have had an interesting past – we ate a lot of it when I was growing up because it was always growing in my mum’s veggie patch, however I never really liked it all that much. I guess that’s not surprising as leafy greens aren’t normally kids favourite food! I had a bit of a sneaky habit of picking silverbeet from the garden and feeding it to our guinea pigs to try and avoid eating it again for dinner! Luckily those days are long behind me and I actually enjoy eating it now – no guinea pigs required!