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Top 10 Posts of 2015!

To draw 2015 to a close I thought I would share my top 10 posts of 2015 with you all, as voted by you (through your page views!). I’ve split it into two separate lists, the top 5 recipes and top 5 eco living & lifestyle posts. Unsurprisingly most of these were posted early in the year but it’s always so interesting to see what ends up on the list! Apparently I should do more baking (my waistline may disagree!).


Eco Gift Guide: Home & Garden

It’s time for my third eco gift guide: home & garden this time around! If you missed my first two gift guides I’ve shared gifts for the foodie in your life as well as clothing & accessories for both men & women. Today I have you covered with gifts for around the home and for the gardener in your life, and all of them are eco friendly, ethically made and/or support local businesses, helping make Christmas gift giving a win for everyone!


7 Tips for a Water Efficient Garden

Since my last post, I have addressed about my garden plant and the proper gardening tools that every gardener must-have, and now, as we head into summer here in the southern hemisphere our poor gardens get dried out from the harsh sun and if we’re not careful our plants get rather sad looking. However unfortunately water is something we have to use carefully here in Australia (and much of the world), so I’m here to help with my top tips for a water efficient garden.


Top 5 Eco Living Apps

So it turns out our smartphones can be used for more than just social media and to-do lists, they can help us live more sustainably as well! Today I wanted to share with you my current top 5 eco living apps, and I’d love to hear any recommendations of apps you’re using as well!


My Favourite Eco Living Books

I love learning as much as I can about sustainability so I’ve been doing lots of reading recently, so today I thought I’d share my current favourite eco living books with you all, as well as those on my to-read-next list! I’d love to hear your favourites as well in the comments!


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