Tips To Beat The Monday Blues

At this time of year while we’re all getting back in to the swing of things it can be hard to get enthused about the working week. Even if you enjoy your job we all get the Monday blues from time to time! Today I wanted to share some tips and ideas to help overcome the Monday blues, and I’d love to hear yours as well!

Tips to Beat The Monday Blues | I Spy Plum Pie

Now of course there’s a pretty huge difference between the Monday blues and genuinely dreading going to work. These tips are more to help us all get the most out of our Monday and help enter the week with a spring in our step. If you’re more in the latter camp then it’s worth exploring what is making you so unhappy at work, to see if there are steps you can take to rectify it. In the meantime, hopefully these ideas will help a little anyway!

Get plenty of sleep on Sunday night

There’s nothing more guaranteed to give you the Monday blues than starting off your working week exhausted. The chances of feeling positive on a Monday morning are much higher if you ensure you get plenty of sleep, so make it a Sunday night priority to wind down and go to bed early. Try making it the evening you do screen free activities, and set yourself an evening routine that helps you fall asleep and you’ll find your Monday morning much more manageable.

Start with some exercise

I know you can start new habits on any day, and at any time of the year, but Monday really does seem to set the tone for the week. If you kick of your Monday morning with some form of exercise – even if that’s just some stretching – you’ll set yourself up for success. I’ve been working with a personal trainer once a week for the last few months and our session is 6am on a Monday. I’m not going to lie, I don’t love it when my alarm goes off, but it absolutely does set my week off on the right path.

Achieve some goals first thing

Once you get in to the office it can be tempting to just dive in to emails and other administrative tasks. Whilst these can be useful to tick off while you are getting in to the swing of things, it can also really help with combating the Monday blues if you achieve something more tangible first up. Try and work on something a bit more meaty and you’ll feel like you’re on track for a successful week. You can always go back to your emails later in the day when you might be feeling a little more sluggish!

Recharge your batteries

It can feel necessary to pack our weekends with activities to make the most of the time outside of work, but be sure to recharge your batteries as well. This includes unplugging from work as much as possible – so stop looking at those emails unless it’s actually urgent! Everyone’s version of recharging batteries will look different, so pay attention to what you need and make sure to prioritise it.

Don’t leave yourself Friday tasks

I know how easy it can be on a Friday afternoon to just push aside everything for Monday, but that’s a surefire way to wake up with the Monday blues. Sure, sometimes there are tasks that require the freshness of a Monday to tackle, but if you let things pile up you’re always going to dread coming in on a Monday morning. For anything you don’t get completed on a Friday, leave yourself a clear to-do list so you know exactly what you need to tackle, then you can get straight in to them come Monday.

Have things to look forward to

For lots of us Monday is a super busy work day, so make sure you have some things to look forward to as well. That might mean a delicious homemade lunch, treating yourself to a coffee at your favourite cafe, or an activity after work that you particularly enjoy. Scatter your Monday with fun! That way any Monday blues you might have will be counterbalanced with things that make you happy!

Have fun at work

Work shouldn’t be a drag, and even if it’s busy there should still be time for fun. In my office we stop and do the quiz together every afternoon which is a great way to build team culture, and we also try and ensure we have plenty of laughs no matter how hectic things might get. Entering the work week with a positive attitude can really make a huge difference not only to your own day but to those around you. If in doubt, focus on the things you do like about your job – a little gratitude can make all the difference.

How do you overcome the Monday blues?

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