Tips To Make Your Smoothies More Filling

When the weather gets warmer I find myself gravitating back to smoothies for breakfast. What I don’t want though is to find myself super hungry only a few hours later. I have tried lots of ways to make my smoothies more filling, and here are my favourites! I’d love to hear your suggestions too!

Tips to Make Your Smoothies More Filling | I Spy Plum Pie

Choose a better base

Getting a more creamy and filling smoothie starts with the selection of the liquid. Coconut water is great if you want something refreshing and rehydrating, but breakfast I go for a milk, or equivalent. My go-to at the moment is oat milk, but almond, coconut or soy work well too.

Nut butters are your friends

Adding a spoonful of your favourite nut butter is a super easy and delicious way to make your smoothies more filling. They add protein and healthy fats and also make your smoothie thicker too. Almond butter makes an appearance in pretty much every smoothie I make! If you don’t have nut butter on hand then some soaked nuts (cashews are my favourite) are a great alternative too.

Seeds can make a huge difference

There are lots of excellent seed and nut options you can throw in your smoothie, and they not only help bulk out the drink, they can have all kinds of nutritional benefits too. Chia, flax and hemp seeds are particularly great options. If you’re using chia seeds I recommend either drinking the smoothie straight away, or mix the seeds with some water or milk in advance to stop to being too thick to drink.

Tips to Make Your Smoothies More Filling | I Spy Plum Pie

Turn it into a bowl

Turning your smoothie into a bowl is an excellent way to make it more filling. Not only do you usually end up with more smoothie, but you can top it with all kinds of deliciousness as well. Fruit, more nut butter, nuts, seeds – you name it! You will definitely find yourself feeling full for much longer.

Throw in some leafy greens

The addition of leafy greens – be it spinach, kale, or whatever you have on hand – is a great way to make your smoothies more filling. They add fibre which helps you feel full for longer, not to mention they ensure you get a good amount of vegetables into your diet as well. If you’re using a more bitter green then I recommend a little lemon juice to help balance things out. Blending your greens and liquid together first before adding your other ingredients can also help if you find your blender can’t handle too much at once.

Oats are amazing

Throwing in some oats to your smoothie can make a world of difference. They are a cheap pantry staple that add fibre and protein – so good! They also help make your smoothie creamy and thick, especially if you soak them in your milk (or equivalent) beforehand. So simple but so effective.

Tips to Make Your Smoothies More Filling | I Spy Plum Pie

Try some avocado

I seriously love adding avocado to my smoothies! You can’t taste it so it goes well with all flavour combos, but it is so good for making my smoothies more filling. It makes them creamy and also adds both fibre and protein. You can even freeze avocado and add it that way so you can have it on hand even when they aren’t cheap and plentiful.

Add some yoghurt or tofu

Full fat greek yoghurt, or silken tofu if you don’t want the dairy, are great additions to your smoothies. They add lots of protein which is key to you feeling fuller for longer. Plus, they result in really creamy smoothies which is always what I am going for. You can’t taste the silken tofu, and if I am using yoghurt I tend to go for plain and let the fruit and veggies create the flavour. So simple but so effective!

Protein powders can help

You can definitely make a filling and delicious smoothie without the need for protein powders, but they sure can help too. They are a really simple way to add a good hit of protein, and they can result in really delicious flavours too. I have been using Tropeaka powders for the last little while and really like the vanilla and salted caramel flavours. I think I might have to try the chocolate one soon too!

Tips to Make Your Smoothies More Filling | I Spy Plum Pie

I hope these tips help you make your smoothies more filling!

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