Why Hobbies Are Important

As we get older the whole idea of having hobbies seems to somehow go out the window. We focus on other things and doing activities for the fun of it drops down the list of priorities. However, I have been focusing on trying to change that in my life! So today I thought I would talk about why I think hobbies are important. I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

Why Hobbies Are Important | I Spy Plum Pie

Obviously there are all kinds of hobbies, so not all of them will have the same benefits. I do believe all hobbies have some kind of benefit though, which is why hobbies are important! Here are some of the benefits I think having hobbies has brought me.

They help with stress release

Having a hobby (or two!) is an excellent way to reduce stress and increase your mental wellbeing. They give you something fun to focus on outside of work and other life challenges, and keep you doing something you enjoy. No matter what the hobby is, carving out time to incorporate it in to your week will always be worth it. This is particularly great if you are someone like me who struggles with doing ‘nothing’. You can take a break while still feeling like you’re achieving something!

You can learn new skills

No matter what the hobby you choose is, by committing to it you will be learning and building new skills. It might teach you some patience along the way if you are starting something absolutely new to you, but that’s a useful skill too. The skills you learn from hobbies don’t have to be all that useful to your broader life either, but sometimes you might find they do in unexpected ways!

They can challenge you

Starting a new hobby often means putting yourself in circumstances you haven’t been in before, or putting yourself outside your comfort zone. This might be a mental or physical challenge, or maybe even an emotional one. You might think that adding more challenges to your life isn’t what you need, but as long as they are different challenges to your work life then they can still be enjoyable! Plus, you can take your time and challenge yourself at whatever pace suits the rest of your life.

You can meet new people

If you choose a hobby that takes you to a class or means you join a group (like the choir I joined!) then you will have the added benefit of meeting new people. It’s an excellent way to expand your social circle, meet people who like the same things as you or at the very least build your interpersonal skills.

They can unlock your creativity

If you pick up a creative hobby that you have not done in a while, or maybe ever, you may find some untapped creative skills. This could be anything from dancing to sewing, pottery to cake decorating, writing to knitting. Who knows what creativity you might have tucked away! You don’t have to even be particularly good at them to tap in to a creative hobby, it’s all about finding an outlet. This is particularly excellent if your job doesn’t allow you much space for creative thinking.

They can have physical benefits

Any hobby that has a physical element will unsurprisingly bring physical benefits. This can be something as straightforward as joining a sporting team or going to yoga, or even starting dance classes. It can also be hobbies that have physical benefits as just one of the benefits – like taking up bushwalking.

Do you think hobbies are important?

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