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My week according to Instagram

I’m a very late arrival on the Instagram bandwagon, which is surprising for me given how much I loooove taking photos. Now that I have finally taken the leap I thought I would share some of the moments that I deemed photo-worthy from the last week in the world of I Spy Plum Pie.


Keep Talking

One of my favourite things about living in Melbourne is that there are so many great organisations and groups here that provide endless opportunities for learning and growth. As part of my resolution to learn more things I thought it was about time I made the most of these opportunities, so the last two Wednesday’s I have attended post-work discussion forums, and boy have I done some learning!


2013 – it begins

2013 is going to be my year of really putting words into actions. Seriously committing to living as sustainably and consciously as possible, considering the impact of my actions on those around me and the planet, and following my gut instinct when making decisions.

Healthy eating, doing what I love, focusing my energy where it matters most. Stop over thinking. Do.

I want to use this blog to document my journey, which will no doubt include a whole range of failed attempts, hilarious mistakes and misguided choices, but that’s ok with me.


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