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Recipe: Lemon & Coconut Yoghurt Cake

Now that I’m somewhat settled in the new place I thought it was about time I tried out the oven. I’ve had lots of people stopping by to visit so having a homemade cake ready to share seemed like a logical idea, and came in very handy when my parents stopped by with my nan to show her around. I kept it nice and simple – a lemon and coconut yogurt cake, with an additional depth of flavour coming from the use of vanilla bean flavoured yoghurt – yum all round!


Recipe: Upside-Down Plum Cake & My 1st Blogiversary!

Today is a pretty special blog post for me – it’s my 1st Blogiversary! One year ago today I hit publish on my first blog post, not really knowing what I was going to write about or how long I would keep this up, but here I am a year later still tapping away at the keyboard and having a great time doing it!


Recipe: Raspberry & Nectarine Tea Cake

If you follow I Spy Plum Pie on facebook or instagram you might have noticed I had some fairly exciting news over the weekend – I bought my first apartment! I bought at auction which was extremely nerve-wracking, but thankfully it all worked out in the end! I’m super excited, and I’m sure the next 60 days will fly by until I get the keys in my hot little hands!


Recipe: Apple Slice

I found myself with a pile of apples at home so decided I should turn them into something to share with my housemates. I ummed and ahhed for a while and eventually decided to make a batch of apple slice. I kept it light on the sugar front so the fruity flavour of the apple could be the star of the show, with the light pastry happily holding it all together. Despite the fact I’m not very confident with pastry (so I keep avoiding making it, thus remaining not confident making it!) this turned out really nicely and was a simple, delicious way to use a pile of apples.


Recipe: Carrot Cake

I love carrot cake – it has consistently been one of my favourite cakes for years now, possibly influenced by the fact I love carrots in anything! I particularly like it when the cake is heavy on the carrot and walnut, and the addition of some sultanas never goes astray. Topped with a lemony cream cheese icing and I’m a very happy camper. So when my housemates requested a carrot cake I was more than happy to oblige and happily set about making one that met all my criteria!


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