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Recipe: Hazelnut Dukkah

Dukkah is one of those things that I forget how versatile it is until I have some in my kitchen again, and that’s definitely been the case since I whipped up this hazelnut dukkah! I’ve been using it on pretty much everything – salads, eggs at breakfast, dips or just as is with some bread and oil. It’s so simple to whip up but adds an amazing burst of flavour, I really should remember to make it more often!


Recipe: Baked Tofu Vermicelli Salad

The recent burst of sunshine we’ve experienced in Melbourne has made me long for light, fresh meals and this baked tofu vermicelli salad was just the ticket! Full of colour, texture and flavour, it’s ready in no time and super healthy, not to mention delicious! It’s my new favourite lunch option and despite being on been on high rotation here at ISPP HQ I’m not even close to being sick of it!


Recipe: Cumin Roasted Pumpkin & Parsnip

There’s really not much better than roasted veggies in winter and this cumin roasted pumpkin & parsnip with chickpeas is a prime example of that. Full of delicious flavour from the spiced oil, sweetness from the roasted pumpkin as well as a good amount of crunch, you really can’t ask for much more!


Recipe: Black Bean & Quinoa Burgers

I’m a huge fan of black beans but they can be tricky to find in can form in Melbourne, so when my local grocer has them I stock up and then take great delight in cooking with them. One of the best parts of these burgers is they freeze well so I can whip up a batch and then keep my black bean obsession going even when I can’t find them in stock! Plus, they are delicious and healthy and taste just as good served with a side salad or in a traditional burger.


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