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Recipe: Vegetarian Sushi

Sushi is often my go-to option if I need to grab a quick lunch when I’m out and about so I decided it was about time I started making my own to have for lunch on the weekend, or as an alternative to salad at work during the week. The best part about making your own sushi is you can really play around with the fillings, try new combos and make it exactly as you like it! So here we are, my vegetarian sushi!


Recipe: Mediterranean Lentil Salad

With the crazy hot weather we had in Melbourne over the summer, being able to have hearty salads for dinner with some grilled tofu or haloumi became a must. Even spending too much time over the stove was too much, let alone turning on the oven! That’s where this salad came to the fore and it didn’t disappoint! The lentils provide bulk and protein and the fresh, crisp vegetables are deliciously refreshing. I kept it simple with some lemon juice and oil as the dressing, it really doesn’t need any more than that!


Getting Juicy

For as long as I can remember, whenever I would order a freshly squeezed juice at a cafe it was always a combination of apple, pineapple and orange juice. As I got older I’d sometimes add ginger, maybe a carrot, but those three key ingredients never changed. I still standby it as a great flavour combination, but over time I have expanded my horizons somewhat, and now my freshly squeezed juices are more guided by whatever fruit and veggies I have on hand (which unfortunately rarely includes pineapple!) as opposed to habit!


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