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Vanuatu Adventures: Mele Waterfalls and Summit Gardens

I’m back for another instalment of our adventures in Vanuatu! I hope you’re enjoying them! Today I want to share with you two of the absolute highlights of our time in Port Vila – our visit to the Summit Gardens and to the Mele (or Cascade) Waterfalls. Be prepared for lots of photos – and these represent just a minuscule amount of the photos I took on these two adventures!


Vanuatu Adventures: Turtles, Cruising and Iririki Island

Today’s Vanuatu adventures post is a bit of a mish-mash of a couple of different things we got up to whilst we were staying in Port Vila – an afternoon spent on Iririki Island, a sunset cruise on the bay and a visit to a turtle conservation park. As with the last posts this will probably be rather photo heavy – but I just don’t think words alone will do it!


Vanuatu Adventures: Lelepa Island

One of the first day trips we did whilst staying in Port Vila was to Lelepa Island – a small island off the coast of Efate. The tour is run by locals, with all the profits of the tour going into the village on the island, which was something that really attracted us to doing the day trip. And as an added fun-fact, the series of the tv show Survivor that was set in Vanuatu was filmed on this island!


Vanuatu Adventures: Port Vila

I’m ba-ack! Phew, that went fast. Late Tuesday night after three flights, all of which were delayed, we finally arrived back in Melbourne town after 10 blissful days exploring Vanuatu. Lucky for me I still have a few days off work to find my feet again, and get used to this cold weather! Over the next few posts I thought I would share with you some of our adventures – where we went, what we saw and what we ate, starting today with the capital of Vanuatu – Port Vila!


On Holidays – Be Back Soon!

I’m rather excited to let you know B and I are heading to Vanuatu today for 10 days of lying on beaches, snorkelling and relaxing, which I’m sure will be just horrible! I have a few posts scheduled as well as handing over the reins to a couple of my favourite bloggers to share stories with you while I’m away, so things won’t be completely quiet in In Spy Plum Pie land, however I won’t be responding to comments until I get back – sorry!

If you’d like to see any photos of our adventures while they unfold I will no doubt still be somewhat active in the land of social media, so maybe follow me on instagram or like the I Spy Plum Pie Facebook page and I’ll try not to make you too jealous!

See you all when I get back!

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