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Asparagus Bean Rice Salad | I Spy Plum Pie

Recipe: Asparagus Bean Rice Salad

I love a rice based salad and this asparagus bean rice salad is no exception. It’s hearty enough to take to work for lunches, whilst still being full of flavour and packed with greens. It is super simple to whip up too – seriously, what’s not to love.


Recipe: Smashed Broad Beans

Living in the inner city means there’s not a whole lot of space for growing our own veggies. We do our best by using pretty much every square centimetre of our (north-facing) front yard, but we’re still not talking much space! This means whatever we do manage to grow needs to be relished when we eat it and for me that means picking it fresh then doing as little to it as possible. That was exactly the case with these broad beans – I collected as many as I needed from the garden, then did very little to them in order to let them shine all on their own! The result was absolutely delicious, and I didn’t even need to leave the house – perfect!