lentil bolognese

Recipe: Lentil Bolognese

The delightful Carly from Smaggle shared her recipe for bolognese recently, and got her readers to share their favourite recipes too. Unsurprisingly everyone’s are meat based, so today I thought I’d share my go-to recipe for lentil bolognese,¬†which is so good I reckon even meat eaters would love it!


Jazz Up Your Sandwich

How To: Jazz Up a Boring Sandwich

Are you sick of having the same boring sandwiches for lunch every day, but don’t have the time or facilities at work to make something more interesting? Then do I have the post for you today!


Napier Hotel Veggie Burger

Pubs for Vegetarians: The Napier Hotel, Fitzroy

It’s time for the next stop on my tour of vegetarian friendly pubs of Melbourne! This time we’re at the Napier Hotel in Fitzroy! The Napier is an old-school style pub (it’s been there since 1866!) but with a more interesting menu than most! It’s retained it’s pub charm with a proper front bar, a room with a fireplace, a sunny courtyard and then a small dining room out the back, so it’s the perfect spot for an afternoon beer, or to spend an evening over a meal with friends.


Raisin, Oat & Walnut Cookies

Recipe: Raisin, Walnut & Oat Cookies

I seem to be using oats in a lot of my baking of late, I don’t know whether it’s because oats remind me of winter food but it shall be interesting to see how long it lasts! There’s something about oats in cookies that makes them feel healthier and more filling, and with the addition of fruit and nuts you could almost eat these for breakfast!


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