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Eco Driving Tips

Today’s post on eco driving tips might seem like an odd one, but as I mentioned in my post last week on car-free living I know it’s not possible for everyone to go car-free, so instead I want to help you make your driving as eco-friendly as possible! What this really means is finding ways to use less petrol as you drive, reducing the emissions from your car and saving you money at the same time!


7 Tips for Successful Op-Shopping

Shopping at op-shops is an excellent way to save some money, but it’s also excellent for the planet as it gives clothes, books, furniture, homewares and a whole host of items a new lease on life and keeps them out of landfill. I’ve been a big fan of op-shopping since I was a teenager, so I’ve learnt a lot along the way about how to get the most out of your op-shopping trips, so here are my top 7 tips for successful op-shopping!


Tips for Car Free Living

So, I’ve never actually owned a car. Sure, I borrowed my mum’s car when I lived at home, but that was for just a small amount of time as my mum sold the car to scrap and junk service as the car had got quite rustic, and at times I’ve babysat cars for friends of mine, but I’ve never had a car of my own. I didn’t always live in the most convenient locations either! So, my day-to-day existence is not reliant on having access to a set of wheels, but it’s really not as difficult as it sounds! I thought today I’d share some of my top tips for car free living, which clearly come from years of practice!


How to be Sustainable at Work

No matter where you work there are ways you can make your own working day more sustainable by making some small changes to how you operate. Of course, if you can bring some colleagues along on the journey with you then that’s even better, but unfortunately that’s not always an option! So today I thought I’d share with you some of my top tips on how to be sustainable at work, and I’d love to hear yours too!


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