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August Favourite Finds 2021 | I Spy Plum Pie

August Favourite Finds 2021

It’s August Favourite Finds time! Another month spent mostly in  lockdown, and my favourite finds sure are reflective of that! Food, plant care, reading, skincare – all the good indoor activities! I’d love to hear about your August favourite finds too!


Tips To Create A Calm Home | I Spy Plum Pie

Tips To Create A Calm Home

Having a home that feels welcoming and relaxing has always been my aim, and it became even more important over the last year. No one wants a space that makes them feel more stressed or overwhelmed, that’s for sure. So, today I thought I would share some of the thing that have helped me create a calm home – I’d love to hear your ideas too!


7 Tips for a More Sustainable Bathroom

Today I wanted to zero in on one of the areas in our homes that provides us with lots of opportunities for living a little greener – the bathroom! I’ve got a few easy changes you can make to create a more sustainable bathroom, and I’d love to hear your suggestions as well.


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