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7 Tips for a More Sustainable Bathroom

Today I wanted to zero in on one of the areas in our homes that provides us with lots of opportunities for living a little greener – the bathroom! Apart from getting trusted plumbing services to fix the leaky faucets, I’ve got a few easy changes you can make to create a more sustainable bathroom, and I’d love to hear your suggestions as well. I believe bathroom should perfectly clean, so in case you also value cleanliness, but do not want to waste your time and effort, check out


DIY Terrarium Making

I’ve talked about the importance of indoor plants before and I’ve got some ferns in my bathroom as well as a small collection of succulents in various containers (including a giant tea-cup!) but I’ve always wanted a terrarium or two to add to my collection. So, I decided I should make some for myself and share the process with you all at the same time, so here we go – my DIY terrarium guide!


A Guide to Indoor Plants

Introducing plants into your home (or office) will bring with it a multitude of benefits, so today I wanted to share not only the benefits with you, but some of the best indoor plants to choose with my guide to indoor plants!