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Tips for an Eco Friendly Party | I Spy Plum Pie

Tips for an Eco Friendly Party

Hosting parties and entertaining friends can be lots of fun, but they aren’t always the most sustainable activities, particularly with regards to the amount of waste they can create. I wanted to share my top tips for throwing an eco friendly party and I’d love to hear your suggestions too!


Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

Recently a friend was telling me she was looking at introducing more organic food into her life, and when I mentioned the dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists she didn’t know what I was talking about, and it dawned on me that she might not be the only one! Not everyone spends their spare time reading about these kinds of things like I do (nerd alert!) so today I thought I would share this useful resource with all of you too!


How To Choose Ethical Eggs

Not that many years ago it seemed the only choice to be made when buying eggs was between caged eggs and free range eggs, but that’s definitely no longer the case. Now there are eggs labelled caged, barn-laid, organic, free range, pastured raised, cage-free and a whole host of other terms. It’s all gotten rather confusing! So, today I want to help with all this with my how-to guide for choosing ethical eggs!


Spotlight on: Sukin

For me, part of wanting to live as sustainably as possible includes not only what I eat but what I put on my skin as well. There are some great natural skincare and cosmetic companies out there, and I thought I would start by profiling a company I have been using for the last year or so, Sukin.


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