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7 Easy Ways to De-Stress

We all have moments of stress in our week when things don’t go to plan, we feel overwhelmed or for any number of other reasons. Even when the source of the stress might be ongoing there are a few easy ways to de-stress in the moment and today I wanted to share my top 7 with you. I’d love to hear your advice on easy ways to de-stress as well!


7 Tips to Increase Your Incidental Walking

Given I don’t own a car (and I tend not to ride my bike after a few too many incidents with cars) I tend to get pretty close to my 10,000 steps every day, but there are always ways I can add extra walking into my day. Today I wanted to share a few small changes we can all make which will increase your incidental walking, and help us all stay that little bit healthier!


Top 6 Podcasts to Make Any Activity Fun

Like many people I jumped on the podcast bandwagon during the time of Serial, and since then I have added many more podcasts to my rotation. I listen to podcasts pretty much all the time, I find them an excellent distraction while I’m cooking, cleaning or working on the blog, and also while I’m walking to work. There are podcasts out there covering pretty much every topic imaginable, but here are my current top 6 podcasts to make any activity fun!