The Benefits of Air Drying Laundry

Whilst using a clothes drier may seem more time efficient, there are lots of benefits of air drying laundry. Sure, sometimes the weather may not be conducive to it, but when you can it really is worthwhile! So, here are some of the benefits – I’d love to hear your thoughts too.

The Benefits of Air Drying Laundry | I Spy Plum Pie

It saves energy

This is one of the benefits of air drying laundry that is most commonly focussed on – and for good reason! Air drying your laundry instead of using an electric dryer automatically cuts down on the amount of energy you use in your home. That’s gotta be good for the planet!

It saves money

This one ties neatly to the benefit above – the less electricity you use, the cheaper your bills are going to be. Dryers are often very energy hungry which makes them expensive to run. Plus, by not using your dryer as much you also don’t need to use as many dryer sheets which saves money too!

It’s better for your clothes

Air drying your clothes actually can extend their lives because they aren’t subjected to the rough & tumble of a dryer. That can weaken the fibres of the clothes, which is part of the reason they come out so soft! It’s particularly bad for elastic and wools, so keep them out of the dryer if you can. You’re also guaranteed not to accidentally shrink anything. Making clothes last longer is also better for the planet and your wallet – perfect!

The sun is a natural whitener

The sun’s UV rays have this amazing ability to whiten your whites for you, without the need to use bleach. That means you can cut down on the amount of chemicals you use, as well as ending up with fresh, bright clothes with less stains. If you’re worried about your darker clothes then be sure to hang them up outside of the sunniest time of the day – earlier in the morning usually works.

It makes clothes fresher and reduces wrinkles

As well as whitening your clothes, the sun leaves your clothes disinfected too. Line drying helps remove odours and usually results in less wrinkles as well. Sure, you might not be able to pack away the iron completely, but any reduction is a good thing!

It gives you time to single task

I’ve spoken before about how important I think single tasking is, and spending a little time hanging your clothes on the line is an excellent chance to do some. It doesn’t need to be a big to-do, it really just requires you to do nothing but hang out the washing and think about just the task at hand. Adding a little mindfulness into our chores is always a good thing!

I hope these benefits of air drying laundry have been useful! Do you air dry your clothes?

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