Benefits Of Getting A Vegetable Box Delivered

One of the benefits of working from home over this period has been that I can get my fruit and veggies delivered again. I used to do this all the time, but since being in an apartment it’s been too tricky so I hadn’t done it for years. Now that I have gone back to it I have been reminded of the benefits of getting a vegetable box delivered, so I thought I’d share them with you too!

Benefits of Getting A Vegetable Box Delivered | I Spy Plum Pie

It helps me try new things

One of the absolute benefits of getting a vegetable box delivered is that it makes me try new things. Given I share recipes here every week I do mix things up a lot, but I do still find myself gravitating to the same vegetables a lot of the time. The beauty of a vegetable box is I have no idea what is going to be in there, so I am forced to get more creative with my meal planning. It makes me pull out the cookbooks more too – especially when ingredients like quinces appear in my box.

I’m guaranteed to eat seasonally

Eating seasonally is something I do anyway, but you’re forced to do it when your vegetables come straight from the farmer.  I love seeing the change in veggies and fruits that show up over the months, and how this then influences what I feel like cooking. It also helps with expanding my cooking horizons as you can’t rely on having access to veggies that aren’t in season as a fall back for recipes. It can take some getting used to though!

Simple ways to support local farmers

One of my favourite things about getting my fruit and veggies delivered is knowing that I am supporting local farmers without the big players in the middle. You also get a sense of what impacts the weather might be having on their crops as it will impact when, and for how long, certain fruits and vegetables might show up. A stronger connection to where our food comes from has to be a good thing I think.

It’s delivered to the door

One of the absolute biggest benefits of getting a vegetable box delivered in my books is the fact that it just shows up! This working-from-home period has been very busy for me, so knowing that I can have an abundance of fresh produce in my fridge without planning a trip to the shops or the farmers market is pretty fantastic. I always aim to get it delivered towards the end of the week so I can meal plan then pick up any ingredients I need (grains, tofu etc) and still get my meal prep done on the weekend. So handy.

Helps you eat healthier

Having my fridge full of fresh produce also means I am more likely to eat healthier. I clearly will have no shortage of options, including some fruit to snack on, so I don’t need to turn to takeaway or more carb heavy options. Every meal can be packed with a mix of vegetables which helps me ensure I’m getting lots of variety in my diet.

Less – or even no – packaging

I use reusable produce bags at the shops, but still often struggle with getting some vegetables without packaging or plastic (spinach and pumpkin are usually the hardest for me). One of the best benefits of getting a vegetable box delivered is they are usually completely free from packaging – other than the occasional rubber band on things like herbs. Now that we’re in Plastic Free July again this is an even bigger benefit!

The produce is high quality and fresh

I find the quality of the fruit and vegetables I get in my delivery heads and shoulders above what I could get at the supermarket (thankfully I do have a good quality veggie shop in my suburb too!). Everything is super fresh and packed with flavour, and usually not so ripe that it needs to be used immediately.

It is often a cheaper option

Obviously it will depend on the company you order through, but personally I find getting my fruit and veggies delivered is really good value. I’ve never sat down and done the maths of comparing what came in a delivery box to what it would cost me to buy elsewhere, but it definitely always feels like a cheaper option!

These are the benefits of getting a vegetable box delivered that I have found – what about you?

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