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On Holidays – Be Back Soon!

I’m rather excited to let you know B and I are heading to Vanuatu today for 10 days of lying on beaches, snorkelling and relaxing, which I’m sure will be just horrible! I have a few posts scheduled as well as handing over the reins to a couple of my favourite bloggers to share stories with you while I’m away, so things won’t be completely quiet in In Spy Plum Pie land, however I won’t be responding to comments until I get back – sorry!

If you’d like to see any photos of our adventures while they unfold I will no doubt still be somewhat active in the land of social media, so maybe follow me on instagram or like the I Spy Plum Pie Facebook page and I’ll try not to make you too jealous!

See you all when I get back!

Life Lately

It’s been an up and down last week for me, but luckily the countdown is now officially on until B and I head off on a little tropical holiday to Vanuatu, so at least I’ve been keeping busy with preparations for that – which is lots of fun!  (more…)

Learning: DSLR Camera Class

About a year ago I gifted myself a fancy-pants digital SLR camera (the Nikon D5100 if anyone is interested) with an equally fancy lens. This was the cheapest full frame camera I could find online at the time. I love the camera but as I have no background in photography I knew I wasn’t getting the most out of it by leaving it on automatic mode and barely touching any of the features.  I have this idea that this point and shoot camera was a good one in spite of me knowing nothing how to operate this, there are many features of it that I must know about. I had tried reading the manual and even watched a few tutorials on youtube, but none of it was making any sense. As B and I have a little holiday coming up in May I decided it was time to bite the bullet and learn how to properly use the camera, so I enrolled in an intensive Basic Digital SLR Photography Course through the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) in Melbourne.


Weekend Adventures: Playing Tourist in Melbourne

Despite the fact B’s birthday was way back in February (and we spent it playing with baby wombats!) this weekend he finally got his present from me – a night playing tourist here in Melbourne. I organised us tickets to the comedy festival, dinner, cocktails and booked a hotel room and it was such a lovely way to spend some time together without having to leave our hometown!


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