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10 Ways to Eat More Vegetables

If you follow I Spy Plum Pie on facebook or are on my newsletter list then you’ll have probably seen me talking about a bunch of new podcasts I’ve been listening to lately, including Straight & Curly hosted by Carly from Smaggle and Kelly Exeter from A Life Less Frantic. They did an episode recently on eating 5 cups of vegetables a day which got me thinking, so today I’m sharing my favourite easy ways to eat more vegetables. I’d love to hear your tips too!


6 Tips for Better Work Lunches

As the working year kicks back into full gear lots of people are making resolutions to bring their lunch to work more often, which isn’t always easy to stick to. I’ve been a part of the BYO work lunch brigade for a long time, so today I thought I would share my top tips for better work lunches and I’d love to hear yours too!


6 More Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Back in August I shared some of my favourite podcasts with you and I’m back today with 6 more podcasts to listen to right now! I listen to podcasts pretty much constantly – walking to work, cooking, cleaning, at the gym, you name it. As a result I tend to be subscribed to quite a large array of podcasts to make sure there’s always the perfect option to suit my mood!


7 Easy Ways to De-Stress

We all have moments of stress in our week when things don’t go to plan, we feel overwhelmed or for any number of other reasons. Even when the source of the stress might be ongoing there are a few easy ways to de-stress in the moment and today I wanted to share my top 7 with you. I’d love to hear your advice on easy ways to de-stress as well!


9 Habits for an Organised Home

I’m not one of those people that love my home to be super spotless, but I do like it to be organised and clutter free. I find I feel happier and more productive if my house is tidy and so I have developed some habits for an organised home, and I’d love to hear your tips as well!


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