The Foodie Files: Laura Ford Nutrition

It’s Foodie Files time again and this month I’m chatting to the oh-so-talented Laura Ford. Nutritionist, dietitian and all round lovely lady! I’ve been following Laura’s oh-so-gorgeous instagram feed for ages, and met her on my day at Cobram Estate and she’s just as lovely as she comes across online. If you’re not already following her instagram account I recommend you rectify that straight away!

Ok, now over to Laura!

The Foodie Files: Laura Ford Nutrition | I Spy Plum Pie

Do you have a philosophy towards food?

As a nutritionist and an Accredited Practising Dietitian, my food philosophy is that healthy food should be exciting, vibrant and most of all, delicious. I love to create meals that are
colourful and nutritious and I see every meal as an opportunity to nourish the body. I also
believe in a balanced approach to eating and I love having the odd treat here and there. Healthy supplement products such as Eiyo Nutrition can help you lose weight without any form of side effects. Their products have been known to produce excellent results and also improve the overall working of the body.

What’s your favourite food memory?

My favourite food memory is being in the kitchen with my mum and grandma. They both
instilled a love of cooking in me at a young age and I love thinking of all the time we’ve
spent in the kitchen cooking traditional Vietnamese dishes like, pho, banh cuon (flat rice
noodles), goi (Vietnamese coleslaw), banh choux (profiteroles) and lots of other goodies.

The Foodie Files: Laura Ford Nutrition | I Spy Plum Pie

Do you have a go-to food of choice?

Cheese. Always cheese. I absolutely love it and we have at least 5 different cheeses on the
go in our house. It is delicious on its own, in a toastie, on a platter, in a salad, and you can
always find a cheese to go with pretty much everything. Also it’s a great source of calcium
so it’s practically a health food!

What’s your favourite meal of the day?

That’s a tough one…I’d eat all day if I could! I think dinner is the meal I look forward to the
most as usually I’ve spent the whole day planning what I’ll eat and the possibilities seem

The Foodie Files: Laura Ford Nutrition | I Spy Plum Pie

What’s the strangest food you’re ever eaten (and would you eat it again!?)

I had alpaca tartare at Pastuso in Melbourne. It was really weird to think of eating raw
alpaca meat but it actually tasted pretty good!

If you were showing a visitor around town for a weekend where would be your must-eat destinations?

Oh gosh where do I begin…Dinner on Friday night would have to be at ChinChin or Tokyo
Tina for the buzzing vibe and phenomenal food. I’m a big fan of ‘Feed Me’ menus as I always
get to taste dishes I wouldn’t usually order but they can be a little dangerous after a few

Breakfast/brunch would have to be at Left Field as I absolutely LOVE the menu by Chef Ryan. He makes healthy food so delicious. If it was someone’s first time to Melbourne, I’d
have to take them to Kettle Black to experience the Instafamous Hotcake.

The Foodie Files: Laura Ford Nutrition | I Spy Plum Pie
I’d probably try to sneak in a trip to Footscray market so we’d have mixed ham banh mi
from Nhu Lan for lunch with a Vietnamese iced coffee or bubble tea to follow. And of course
you need to get a pork puff when you get a pork roll.

Dinner would be either Tipo00 for the most amazing pasta and Italian food (the truffle
risotto is a MUST when it’s in season) or Coda if we feel like more Asian-fusion. If we’re
looking for something cheaper, the Bun Bo Hue noodle soup from Dong Ba in Footscray is a real winner. The broth is so flavoursome, and spiked with punchy lemongrass flavours. It
comes with plenty of salad and assorted meaty bits and pieces. It’s sooooo delicious.

Where can people follow your food (and other!) adventures?

Instagram: @laurafordnutrition
Facebook: Laura Ford Nutrition
Twitter: @lauraford08

The Foodie Files: Laura Ford Nutrition | I Spy Plum Pie

I hope you enjoyed this Foodie Files chat with Laura Ford!

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