Recipe: Simple Potato Salad

I found myself with an excess of potatoes from my veggie box delivery that needed using and immediately thought of Caitlin’s recent post on Mother Down Under of her potato salad recipe, and how it reminded her of her childhood, so I knew I had to make some as well.

Potato salad brings back much the same memories for me – I grew up in a suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne (known as the ‘bush’ part of Melbourne!) on an acre block with a pool. My memories of summer as a kid revolve around spending the long, hot days alternating between being in the pool and lying on the cold tiles inside the house watching the cricket or tennis on TV. As the sun would start to go down Dad would fire up the BBQ and cook his famous marinated chicken breasts (clearly before I was vegetarian!) and mum would make a big green salad, and a potato salad. We’d sit on the deck by the pool, fight off the mozzies, and Dad would declare ‘why would you want to live anywhere else!’

When I got older and had friends around for BBQs and pool sessions I would still always make a big potato salad, with the recipe changing overtime until I settled on this one. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it goes perfectly at a BBQ by the pool (or anywhere else for that matter!). The combination of the sour cream and mayo makes for a creamy yet tangy sauce and the seeded mustard just amps up the flavour. If it was better for me I could eat this by the bowl-full!

Ingredients List

  • 10 small potatoes
  • 3tbs sour cream
  • 3tbs mayonnaise
  • 1tbs seeded mustard
  • 1/2 bunch spring onion

I don’t add boiled egg as I’m not really a fan, but you definitely could if you prefer it that way. Bacon could also work if keeping the recipe vegetarian-friendly isn’t a concern!



  1. Peel or scrub the potatoes, then boil in a large saucepan for 10-15 minutes until cooked through. Set aside to cool
  2. Mix the sour cream, mayonnaise and seeded mustard together in a small bowl until combined. Season to taste
  3. Thinly chop the spring onion
  4. Chop the cooled potatoes into chunks of varying sizes
  5. Put the potato in your serving bowl, mix through the dressing then sprinkle with spring onion
  6. Enjoy!



Do you have a food that reminds you of your childhood? How do you make your potato salad?

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