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6 Podcasts That Will Leave You Feeling Smarter

I’m a big podcast listener and I’ve shared many of my favourite podcasts before, generally comedy and interview style ones, but today I wanted to share a different genre with you – podcasts that will leave you feeling smarter! These 6 podcasts will not only entertain but teach you at the same time, and it’s my new favourite genre to listen to around the home!


Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking Class

For Christmas last year my parent’s gave me a voucher to Pip’s Cooking School and last week I decided to use it for the Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking Class. The class was scheduled to run for 3 hours, but due to Pip adding some additional items to the menu to cater for a gluten-intolerant participant it ran for over 4 hours – so we definitely got our money’s worth!


Homemade Bath Products

As first cab of the rank in my quest to learn new things I decided to do a homemade bath products class run through Laneway Learning and taught by the Green Renters. The class was held outdoors at the People’s Market which has taken up residence not far from my place, resulting in many visits by me to trial their ever-changing food options, browse the craft stalls and sample the drinks. It’s a pretty cool setup on what was an inner city car park.