Why You Can’t Fail At Reducing Waste

Plastic Free July is almost over and even if you didn’t meet your initial aims you can’t actually fail at reducing waste. Even if you only lasted a few days, or found yourself with a takeaway cup or five along the way, there are so many reasons why you didn’t fail.

Why you can't fail at reducing waste | I Spy Plum Pie

Reducing Waste Takes Time

As much as I don’t love the term ‘journey’, that’s exactly what attempting to seriously cut back on waste is. And, these kinds of journeys take time, and require a whole lot of habit changes. As a result, it’s never going to be a straightforward process with no backward steps, mistakes, or days when it all seems too hard. There’s also a lot of ingrained ‘norms’ that need to be broken, and all of that can’t happen over night, or over the course of just Plastic Free July. it’s also important to remember that everyone’s time-frames, priorities and attempts are going to look different as well.

Even Awareness Is A Win

One of the key drivers of Plastic Free July is increasing awareness of the impact of single use plastics, so if you’ve learned anything new then that’s a win. Until we have a better awareness and understanding of why we want to make these changes then it’s so much harder to stick to them. Sure, it might take some time to really act on this new awareness, but that’s ok.¬†Every piece of awareness is a step on the waste-reduction journey, so you definitely can’t fail at reducing waste by that metric!

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Reducing Waste Isn’t An All Or Nothing Endeavour

It’s easy to feel like we fail if we end up with a plastic bag or two, or have some food in our weekly shop that is still wrapped in plastic, but it’s just not the case. If you look back at where you started you’ll see all kinds of ways that you have improved. It might be that you now use a reusable coffee cup or mostly remember to bring your reusable bags – every piece of single use plastic you now avoid is a win on its own. There’s more that pretty much all of us could be doing, but focus on what you can change now and celebrate the wins you’ve already had.

I hope this helped remind you that you can’t fail at reducing waste!

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